Town Team Baseball (also termed as Town Ball) is widely popular in the United States, specifically in Minnesota. In this game, each participating team generally represents either a town or a given city. A statewide governing unit sets eligibility rules, stipends, and other game-specific regulations. In Minnesota, there are more than three hundred of active Townball teams that play around thirty annual leagues. Most of these Minnesota Townball teams are from the central and southern parts of the state. In the 1920s, the very first Townball competition was played in Minnesota. And, this game witnessed a peak popularity during the 1940s and 1950s. In fact, there were more than 799 participating teams in the 1950 Townball season.

The current version of the Town Team Baseball game (that you are probably accustomed to watch and enjoy) came into existence in the year of 1924. And, it was masterminded by Lou McKenna and Roy Dunlap (the legendary writers of Saint Paul Dispatch and Saint Paul Pioneer Press). After that, “AM-ABL” (a governing body) was formed to regulate the game-related rules of Minnesota Town Ball. The participating teams are now classified into three different groups, class A, class B, and class C. Note, Class A represents the participating teams of Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area. Whereas, Class B townball teams are composed of large outstate towns & teams which have already won the Class C Championship. According to the reliable statistics, a total of 48 teams belongs to this class. And, the remaining teams are grouped as Class C. Some notable players of Minnesota Town Ball includes Carmen Cozza, Herb Brooks, Bud Grant, and Paul Giel etc.